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Bugs versus suffocation

It’s 7:00AM. The sky is still completely dark. I’m up before the sun today because we are supposed to go surfing at another beach, farther away. With the way I’m feeling—run down and achey on the inside—I don’t think I … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Finding Italian Pizza, Outside of Italy

Just imagine. You are in a foreign country and you have been eating the local cuisine now for weeks. And while you enjoy the exotic flavors, you would like a bit of a change. Your tummy is calling for something … Continue reading

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The Whirlwind

This post is part of my first assignment for Matador U‘s online Travel Writing Course. My travel addiction started with a grade 9, whirlwind trip to Europe.  I was 14, shy and mostly scared. Packing for trips was something I hadn’t … Continue reading

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