Short Version:
Desirée Bilon is a writer, translator, and a surf tour guide. After traveling to many countries and living abroad on four continents, she is still in search of the best place to live. Desirée occasionally manages to use both of her Masters degrees: International Relations and Translating/Interpreting. Her writing has appeared in surf and action sport magazines in English, Italian, and Spanish.

By: Brett Bilon

Long Version:
Desirée has a love for life that includes: yoga, surfing, travel, languages, and the arts.  She has a BA in Italian Cultural Studies, a Masters in International Relations, and a Masters in Interpreting and Translation. Other than English, she speaks Italian and Spanish fluently. Desirée’s goal is to encourage and inspire people to follow their dreams.

Desirée has been surfing for the past eleven years and has worked as a surf instructor for five years. She is accredited through Surfing Australia and ISA (International Surfing Association). Desirée has written and translated numerous articles for the Mexican surfing magazine Planeta Surf. She has surfed in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Fiji, Hawaii, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Portugal, Sri Lanka and the USA. In addition to these places, Desirée has also traveled to: Egypt, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Vietnam.

Desirée doesn’t just surf and travel though. Yoga has also been an integral part of her life over the past seven years.  She studied ballet for 20 years and tries to get a class in whenever possible.

Contact: desireebilon (at) yahoo.ca

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  1. Mas says:

    Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States! Viva Mexico.

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